Friedel Ammann was born 1959 in Basel. After his school years and an apprenticeship he began in 1977 with extreme climbing and Alpinism.
1981 he started his first journey by bicycle across Europe. Later on he toured different countries in the world. His camera was always with him.

Friedel Ammann learned his photographic art through assistance of friendly photographers, through reading technical literature and his intensive darkroom work.He studied in particular the work of Ansel Adam, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Josef Koudelka and Werner Bishop.Friedel Ammann holds no certified qualification as a photographer up to this day.

1985 as co-founder of the outdoor company Transa Backpacking Basel he became acquainted with the work and biography of Richard Buckminster Fuller and Bill Moss.Moss: “A tent to me is a piece of sculpture that you get into.”

To pay homage to the two men, Friedel Ammann displayed their geodetic domes and anthropometrical tents at the Museum of Art Basel in between the art of Rodin and Hans Arp.

  • 1999 General Management VELOCITY Dolphin Electric Bike, set up sales network, marketing and fundraising2000 first photographic coverage work and publication in various media in Switzerland
  • 2001 Aid project in Manila “The roses of Metro-Manila”
  • After the terrorists attacks of September 11th, 2001 Friedel Ammann was asked by the magazine “National Geographic” to document the Institute for Afghanistan residing in a village close to Basel.
  • 2002 travel to Senegal for his aid project “Thiaba”
  • 2005 travel to Afghanistan on behalf of UNESCO
  • 2007 Photographic coverage in Afghanistan for a relief organization
  • 2008 Photographic coverage in Oman
  • 2009 bicycle tour through the south of Italy
  • 2010 “Tour de France” by bicycle
  • 2010 – launch of Friedel Ammann photographic archive
  • 2011 after Fukushima March 11th, bicycle tour through Japan
  • 2012 traveltrough Indonesia
  • 2013 Photographic coverage Israel