Virginie Arakelian is a mixed media Syrian-Armenian artist, a painter, a graphic and web designer. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (Visual Communications Department), University of Damascus in 2007. She is currently living in Orlando, Florida.
At college she had the chance to indulge more into different aspects of arts, learning more about her Armenian culture, arts and artists, studying ancient history manuscripts and ornamental art she started morphing and reshaping them into a modern style, and eventually including them in her paintings and mixed media artwork.

She has participated in art shows and competitions throughout the southeastern United States like Winter Park Autumn Festival show, Masters of Disney Show and Uptown art expo show.Her work appears in galleries in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Philadelphia.
Some of her awards in the United States include, the Honourable mention award at Orlando museum of art, Fl. 2016.The Honourable mention award at Orlando museum of art, Fl. 2015. And Best Local artist award. Baterbys art gallery. Orlando, Fl. 2014.