All that we own and are able to do is to project a light to show how much love we have, how much we want to give, to interact and engage in this present darkness that is around us and that this light will perhaps shine again in the most beautiful way. Yes, there is hope and however small, it will remain with us and will become stronger like a woven thread interlocked together, and the light is our reality, a reality that is the most beautiful and wonderful. Syrians, heirs of beauty, civilisation and culture through the ages and centuries, we will remain faithful to them even beyond death.

At this present time, we stop as if in shock or amazement, our minds taken over, perhaps hypnotised or in a coma, we do not know where we are going or where we are coming from. A light, will erase a little of our woes and distress and let us see optimism and goodness, even for once. This goodness that we are not able to see or admit to it even though it is there, without a doubt. There is no end to us, we will persevere and continue, generations will live on… thus this is life.

Hiba Sabra